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Observations (Blog)

Now Accepting New Clients

After several years of providing services only to a few select people, I have decided to open up my investment management services to new clients. Getting new clients is difficult. Is it hard to get people to come to your website? Not at all. In today's world, a...

How My Firm Came To Be

Sometimes I get asked how I came to be in the investment advisory business. So I thought I would use that as a prompt for a post here. After getting out of the Army, I spent some time raising my kids at home. My wife, who is still in the Army, was in law school....

What is an investor?

"Investment" is an interesting word.  When most people who think of the word investment, they usually think of the first definition (from dictionary.com): to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns,...

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