June 19, 2024

From Kenneth Bateman:

Today, I was made aware that someone is using my name and image on Whatsapp. 

Of course, Bateman Capital Management, Inc. does not use Whatsapp to market its services.  I received a screen shot showing that I was a “Group Admin” for something called “Real Investors VIP”.   It is likely some criminal downloaded a picture of me and is using my name, most likely to seem legitimate.   

Bottom line: It is fake.  I don’t market on social media, I don’t give stock picks at all, ever — much less on social media, and I don’t take any new clients unless I know them.  Every client I have signs an agreement, and receives Form ADV Part 1, Part 2A, and Part 2B.  Bateman Capital Management, Inc. is regulated by the Kansas Securities Commission and all our documents are on FINRA.

I have sent a note to the Kansas Securities Commission informing them of the imposter, and early tomorrow morning I will file a report with the local police.  I will also be writing to WhatsApp to have the offender removed.  Of course, I reserve all rights to pursue this further.    

I am putting this notice up this evening — but regardless of when you see it — know if you receive anything from someone on social media purporting to be me or my firm, know that it is a scam.  

Very truly yours,

Kenneth Bateman, Ph.D.