Local Investment Advisor in Leavenworth, KS

After several years of providing services only to a few select people, I have decided to open up my investment management services to new clients.

Getting new clients is difficult. Is it hard to get people to come to your website? Not at all. In today’s world, a person can just buy web traffic via advertising. The hardest part is getting the right client.

What do I mean by the right client? I am seeking quality over quantity.

I am looking for long-term relationships. My current clients – I have known most of them for a decade or more. I know just about everything about them, their goals, their desires, and what they want to achieve. I talk with them routinely. So getting clients who recognize that I want to have a long-term relationship, and that I am fully committed to helping them achieve their financial goals, is very important.

I want to provide service to people who understand my overall investment philosophy. I want clients who understand that I am not likely to be interested in the latest investment fad that is performing well now, but whose prospects over the long-term are dismal. Holding a quality investment over the long-term is the best path to prosperity.

Since each client is different, the results are different. I provide services via something called Separately Managed Accounts. Simply put, each client is invested in a portfolio of investments is tailored to each individuals situation. An investment that might be right for one person, might be wrong for another person. This type of service is quite uncommon in the financial world today, where many people prefer “cookie-cutter” solutions. Simply put, that is not how I work.

Right now, I am looking to add new clients who would value this service. You will find that my fees are very competitive because I focus on keeping my costs (overhead, etc) as low as possible.

As an immediate goal, I would like to add ten clients. If you are interested in this type of approach, please contact me, and I will reach out to you within one business day to see if I can provide the solution you are looking for.