Individual Attention.  At Bateman Capital Management, Inc. (BCM), we give you the individual attention you deserve.  Your investments will reflect your individual risk tolerance, your goals, and your desires.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.  

Value Oriented Investment.  BCM selects securities for investment using a value-investing lens.  Focusing on the financial performance of a company, its future prospects, and current valuation guide the investment process.

Shares Are Ownership.  It is a fixed opinion at BCM that the purchase of shares in an enterprise represents a fractional ownership interest in a business.

Engagement; Active Ownership.  Concomitant with the view of shares as ownership interest, BCM views its obligation to be active owners of a company.  In our view, active ownership is superior ownership.  If required, BCM will engage with companies held for its clients as part of exercising its fiduciary duty.  

Kenneth  Bateman, PhD  – Founder and Chief Investment Officer

“My clients come to me, and based on their individual goals, I place their money into investments that are appropriate for them.  I take a holistic approach to determine what investments are correct for each client.  As a fiduciary, I always put my clients first.”